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So, I finished my first week of "funemployment". I packed my things up in Washington DC last week, and Thor moved them into a storage unit a few blocks from O/our new apartment. I'm glad all my stuff is safe and secure. The new place is great... spacious, and full of everything I need right now. Moving took up all my energy in December, and now I'm without a job but with tons of free time.

Actually, that's not true. I'm not doing "funemployment". I've never taken unemployment money in my life, so I'm coasting on savings and credit cards. I don't criticize people living on a free monthly check - it's not a lot of money, and doesn't cover the rent and food and everything else you need, much less want to buy. It's terrifying when work isn't available and money is running out and you are wondering if you'll soon be homeless. I feel bad for anybody right now without a job - myself included.

But then again... there was this guy I knew back in San Jose. The whole time I lived there, he never had a job. In fact, he is still "funemployed" in 2011, since I think he only had a few week-long temp jobs in the last 4 years. The guy is healthy, and in his thirties. Not going to school... he spends the entire day surfing the web and smoking. But still, he always had money to go out drinking at the Lone Star every weekend. He didn't miss a Lazy Bear Retreat, and always seemed to be going on fabulous vacations. I don't know... maybe he sold drugs for cash. But I was jealous of him.

Let me put it this way. You know all those errands you have to do, but you don't have time for? Running to the store, organizing your life, doing laundry and cleaning the house? I've got all day. I can alphabetize my CD collection. This morning, I built a table. Or, I could watch and entire DVD box set. I need to be careful when talking around my friends, because I know I could quickly sound like an asshole: "Oh pity me... when I woke up at noon, I didn't have anything to do except play World of Warcraft for hours. Life is hard."

It's a trade-off, isn't it? Money vs. time. You either have a paycheck and try to squeeze friends and chores and hobbies into your limited hours. Or, you have no money (with the fear that goes along with that), but you have the time to do all the little things that you've always wanted to do. My self-esteem is pretty low right now. Being without a career can do that to you - as if the job hunt isn't soul-crushing enough. Going to work gets you up in the morning and keeps the creditors away. But then again, I'm left with a question in my mind whether there is more to life than being a harried wave slave.

This is what I wear all day since I don't have to shower or leave the apartment anymore: a red union suit and fuzzy bear slippers.



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