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Now I Have To Record A Techno CD

1. Hit random on wikipedia.com. The page that comes up is your band name.

2. Hit random on quotationspage.com. The last 4 or 5 words of the LAST quote on the page make the album title.

3. Flickr.com - click on the last seven days link at the very bottom, then click on interesting photos from last seven days. The 3rd picture is your album cover.

4. MSPaint or Photoshop it and post in the comments.

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Not that skilled on my Mac but.....

Band: Palmated Chorus Frog

Album: Members of a weird religious cult.

Album cover: Two Asian Males looking border riding a subway.............(B&W)

Well, that will be good for the cassette tape, but you still need art for the CD.

BTW, is it OK if I used GIMP?

could use a break, so I'll play:

You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it.
Barbra Streisand (1942 - )

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