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Always a groomsman...

Lots of news on gay marriage lately... so much that you may not have been able to keep up. Here are some of the more exciting news items from the US and abroad:

On Valentine's Day, legislators introduced a bill in the house and senate to legalize gay marriage. However, this seems merely a gesture, as it's not expected to pass.

Gay civil union bill introduced, although it probably won't go anywhere.

Attorneys for the state filed to eliminate benefits for the 800 state employess who asked for coverage for their gay partners and children. Benefits will remain in place until the federal court reviews the case years from now... I'm not sure why this is a federal issue.

Has support lined up for gay marriage bill, so that might happen this year.

New Jersey
A gay marriage bill died in January, with no plans to revisit the issue in 2011.

Rhode Island
Last week's contentious debate will probably not bring full gay marriage to the tiny state, but it's great there is momentum.

New Hampshire
A hearing Thursday to decide if the legislature should go ahead with plans to repeal their gay marriage law. No decision yet on what would happen to the gay couples already married in that state.

Got civil unions in January

House and senate approved civil unions. Plus the new Democratic gov said he'd sign it, in contrast to the Repub gov who vetoed it last year. So, this seems like a lock.

Great Britain
May convert gay civil unions to full marriage by the end of the week.

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WA will pass it in the next few years. We currently have the "Everything But Marriage" Civil Unions, which they tried to take away but failed to. So I'm happy to be living in one of the better places.

It's exciting to see so many states making progress.

I know! I created this post because I couldn't parse all the recent news. It kind of washes over you in a haze, you know?

Sad to see my home state (AZ) moving backwards in time while so many others move forward. Ah well, at least I don't have to live there any more.

There was some possibly encouraging news in the paper today, reporting that our new Governor plans to introduce a gay marriage bill later this year. Given how such legislation has been viciously thwarted for years by homophobes both upstate as well as in the City, I'm not getting my hopes up.

Still, a marriage elsewhere would mean a wedding and a honeymoon in one. Where's my Hawaiian shirt?!!

The UK one is interesting, given that they have a Conservative PM. Though in Canada and the UK, conservative (usually) means strict on govt spending and crime, libertarian on business and social issues.

Yeah, for us (in Canada) this issue is like SO ten years ago. Presently we have our extreme right wing party in power and they're not even bothering to try to rescind it. (Too busy ruining the country in other ways though.)

As I recall, when Harper asked parliament to sort of kind of talk about maybe considering rescinding gay marriage, he got an anemic response even from his own party, and very little public support. You're right, for most people here it's a long dead issue. Fortunately.

In the UK Conservative normally means suppression of ethnic and social minorities and the shafting of the working classes.

Also, the picture up there details England. Not Great Britain (the island) or the United Kingdom (the country).

Will probably waiting a while before Oklahoma joins the club

The gays who urge their elected representative to vote for gay rights have it all wrong. In order to get a bill passed, you don't call senators and urge them to vote for your bill ... nope ... you inundate them with cash under the table.

Hey, if gay right supporters can cough up a couple million, we'll have gay rights everywhere!

There is more truth in your words than we all might like to admist. The extreme right and Christianists have well funded lobbyists that work against us. There are few LGBT groups with the finances or support to do what corporations, PACs, and others do regularly. It has come down to those with the deepest pockets have the loudest voices.

Maybe we need to all give up a few trinkets or trips and pool our resourses, I am sure there are a few congressmen for sale somewhere.

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