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Blinded Me With
Today I scored a ticket to WNYC radio's Live in the Greene Space. I got to see Thomas Dolby play a set of some new songs he will be releasing this summer. I love Dolby (his Golden Age of Wireless is my favorite CD of all time). Unfortunately, I had to sit through a bad reggae band first. But it was an "only in New York moment"... just a day before I walked by the studio and wondered what kind of music they played in the storefront. The next day, I was there!

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I love Dolby too, I even have The Gate to the Mind's Eye.

I thought he was dead! Then I realized I got him confused with Warren Zevon.

He actually looks sexy in that photo! Gone are the 'eyeliner' sunglasses:

So, how was his music?

I love that leather hat.

"She Blinded Me With Science" is a fantastic song!

Hope you loved the concert!

I'll check this new album out. TD is good.

How many songs did he play? All new stuff or...?

Oh my lord....NEW Thomas Dolby, finally? I am SOOOO Psyched. Like, teenage girl psyched. GAoW and Flat Earth are on my desert island list and while it may not have come up, I had the instrumental of "Flying North" in the Delta music list.

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