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Mine has a hole in it...

A perfect Saturday morning! First, donuts from Donut Plant. Here are Valrhona chocolate, vanilla bean, "blackout", and carrot cake. Then, cartoons! If you aren't watching Turbo Dogs, then you should. Finally, we are going to the circus! Circus Incognitus... one man doing amazing things on stage.

Donuts and anime and a clown. What am I... twelve? I should go play more Plants vs. Zombies right now!

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Perhaps on some level you are 12.

on some level we are all twelve.

I still like things that I liked as a kid.

I don't think anyone actually ever "grows up."

We just get taller and hairier.

I want these, now! I have to come to NYC and spend a weekend gorging on all the great things you and Thor post.

W/we would love to show you around! Seriously...

Biche, you need to get away from Chelsea. Donuts are not gourmet, not even in the Chelsea Hotel, or on that fancy schamzy website they're trying to overcharge with.

sounds great to me ^.^

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