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I'm A Filthy Banker!

My first day on the job. I took the six month contract without benefits. I know, I know, maybe not the smartest financial move I've ever done, but I think this will lead to better work in the future. Plus it's a really fun job doing math stuff. I really love numbers.

I work downtown Manhattan, just south of Central Park, so there are a lot of fun things to do during my lunch hour: Times Square, Jim Hanley's Universe comic book shop, The Compleat Strategist boardgame shop, great restaurants, and more! Now I just have to make a lot of money so I can afford the nice stuff...

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Congrats on your decision; may you have an incredible time and hopefully it will be a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Hugs and Tugs.

as long as Thor approved, and you're happy, it's all good (in that order). That said, I still think you need to be flogged.

Congrats, hon! Frankly with as many job offers as you had, I think finding a more permanent place in six months won't be too bad -- and since the other offerings weren't ideal either, doing something you like for now, and hoping for a better fit later, is a good idea.

Hugs and love!

This is the choice I wanted you to make! A job you like for six months, versus a job you hate for a year: Hmmm... Let Me think about this...

I hope it works out! I flunked out of differential, then integral, so I gave up on learning math!!


Congratulations on the new gig. Hope it turns out to be a good long term decision.

Congrats on the new job!

Not to be a pedant, but I think that near Central Park South is considered midtown.

I see you're across from Radio City, so I'll ask, what is the plural of Venus de Milo? Venii de Milo?

Yup, parts-of-Manhattan names are confusing. You're in midtown, which generally includes everything north of 23rd St -- and by some accounts, north of 14th -- but south of 59th. "Downtown" is everything below 14th St., but in some contexts it only refers to Wall Street. And "uptown" and "downtown" (as in "I'm headed uptown") often mean any place north or south from where you currently are!

The police department has a precinct called "Midtown South," with their station on 35th St!

Maps is hard!

When it comes to food, you certainly have to hand it to Venus de Milo! How else could she eat?

Thank you! I'll be here all week! Try the veal!

Bad man!

I just spewed Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

Congratulations! I'd meet you for lunch sometime, I'm not too far, I'm at 34th & 6th.

I would love that! Seriously

Congratulations! We could meet for lunch sometime, I'm not too far, just three subway stops away.

Congratulations on the new job and around a place where exciting things happens all the time. Good luck with the new gig. HUGS!!!

Thanks! I'm sorry we never got together.

Sounds like a good start to a new life in New York!

So it's a 6 month contract gig without bennies, it IS a good start to new and better things and who knows, if you do it well, it might end up being more than a mere contract job.

Good luck!


I guess I am one of the " Math is hard" types, although I am better at it than I was 40 years ago.

excellent....enjoy the next 6!

I'm a HUGE supporter of "Doing What You Love" vs "Doing What You SHOULD" as a way of moving forward in the world -- in the end, you'll be the same age, but one path fills you with more happiness, that's for damn sure... ;o)

In this case, you've got the added benefit of DWYL in one of the most awesomest cities in the whole wide world! OMFG-envies!!! ;o) [[snuggs]]

Good for you, Cub...you've earned it... :o)

Great pic! Hurry and get all the tourist stuff out of your system and turn into a NYer already! :-.D

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