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Proof I Have A Big Heart

Now I know why some of my LiveJournal friends take photos of themselves at the doctor's office with tubes up their nose. I think it's because they hook you up to these machines, and then leave the room, leaving you alone with your cell phone and nothing else to do. As a youth, I would take that "alone time" to plunder the office for medical supplies that I would use for kinky fun back in my college dorm room later.

I'm having a few medical issues, but hopefully nothing to worry about. This was an EKG test for an enlarged heart, which is ok. I need to exercise more and lose weight - at 235 pounds, I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I'm more worried about my upcoming colonoscopy. I've never had one of those before. I'm worried I will like it too much!

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1. I like the picture. Seeing your furry self is always a treat. It would be good if you posted more pictures of your furry self.

2. I love the Bobs Mopping. Almost as much as I love the Bobs My Shoes.

3. Good luck with all your tests.

Thank you for the compliment! What happened to the Bobs later CDs? Did they change? Did I?

Gunnar left.

yeah, nice piccies!

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