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Court and Spark

As a treat for myself, I thought I'd buy some CDs from the seventies folk-rock period. I am most impressed by female singer-songwriters who wrote, sang, and recorded their own music. In this age of vapid synthesized American Idols, I find it refreshing to go back thirty years and enjoy the originality of the women artists of previous decades.

Here are some CDs I don't own but think I should listen to:

Carole King "Tapestry"
Joni Mitchell "Court And Spark"
Carly Simon (I'll but a best-of CD)
Joan Armatrading "Walk Under Ladders"
Janis Ian (best-of, with "At Seventeen")

What about these artists? Can they be included in the genre?

Laura Nyro
Karla Bonoff
Patti Smith
The Carpenters
Kate Bush
Helen Reddy
Anne Murray

Can you recommend any others? Aren't there some famous lesbian singers I'm missing like Suede and Ferron and Holly Near and Cris Williamson?

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I second the mention of Rosanne Cash. Her album "Seven Year Ache" is full of gold nuggets in addition to the title track.

And if you are picking up some Janis Ian, I'd definitely recommend "Between The Lines" (one of her best) and I heartily recommend the CD compilation of her earliest work, the Verve/Forecast set "Society's Child: The Verve Recordings", which includes the single "Society's Child" that was so controversial at the time of its release, and also some great tracks from her first album, "Janis Ian".

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