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Back To Black

When this photo was taken, I hated my body and thought I was obscenely fat.

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Don't worry about that. You always look good, and more important, you've got a beautiful soul that comes through no matter what.

i hope you've gotten over all that...you look much better there than in the user pic you have selected which i hope is just a weird angle.

good looking body! have you shaved down your cheeks?
anyway you were in black...black is slimming.

Thanks a lot everyone! But that's what struck me... at that time I thought I was so fat. And now four years later, I kinda wish I had that shape body again.

And you know that ten years from now, I'm going to see a photo from 2011 and think that I wasn't as fat as I feel right now! {grin} I should start learning to live more in "the present".

You, Sir, are a hunk of a man.

Maybe it's the shirt, but I think you look good!

Happy birthday bud. Hope you have nothing but happy ones 4evah!

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