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Melts in your mouth, not in mine

nipperdawg told me that he tried to get a bad of custom M&Ms printed at the web site http://www.mymms.com/. He used a graphic of two guys kissing that was copied from a Tom of Finland piece that he liked. However, Mars Corp refused to print them.

So, I tried the idea myself using the graphic below. It's from a photo that liftinmoose  found in a piece of graffiti street art in San Francisco. I liked it, and now I have three bags of candy that have that photo engraved on it! Thor likes to add M&Msto his special recipe of Chex Mix, and sometimes to popcorn. Yum!


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And, ironically, they're kissing! :)

is that like a Hershey's Kiss?

PS - thought of you while seeing The Decemberists.

RE: Tom of Finland, Maybe Mars refused to print a copyrighted piece of art ... But they should have stated their reason of declining to print liftinmoose's request.

I bet I can find a body cavity they'd melt in. How about some nice weekend fudge packing?

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