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Best CDs of the Year

Who still buys CDs? I guess I still do. At the age of 42... I am old. I don't trust buying MP3s or any digital format. For example, whatever happened to Ogg Vorbis? Were they really serious about that?

After I "synced" with the Apple "cloud" last month, my music library turned into a mix of broken links, mis-named files, and missing songs. As a former UNIX junkie, I want to know what the files are named, where they are located, with a consistency of directory structure. Or, I could just press "play" and not worry about it.

Here are the top CDs I enjoyed this year:

1. Adele "21"
2. Mumford & Sons "Sign No More"
3. Death Cab For Cutie "Keys And Codes"
4. The Decemberists "The King Is Dead"
5. Low "C'mon"
6. Fountains Of Wayne "Sky Full Of Holes"
7. Paul Simon "So Beautiful Or So What"
8. Thomas Dolby "A Map Of The Floating City"
9. Tom Waits "Bad As Me"
10. Fucked Up "David Comes To Life"

Here are some other CDs that mere great, but didn't make it into the top 10 (in no particular order):

Bryan Ferry "Olympia"
Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues"
Radiohead "The King Of Limbs"
Wilco "The Whole Love"
Wild Flag "Wild Flag"
My Morning Jacket "Circuital"
Tune-Yards "Whokill"
Cage The Elephant "Thank You Happy Birthday"
R.E.M. "Collapse Into Now"
TV On The Radio "Nine Types Of Light"
Feist "Metals"
Bon Iver "Bon Iver"
Florence And The Machine "Ceremonials"
Panda Bear "Tomboy"
Mastodon "The Hunter"
Kele "The Boxer"
Kate Bush "50 Words For Snow"
Twin Shadow "Forget"
Kaiser Chiefs "Future Is Medieval"
Kasabian "Velociraptor"
Todd Snider "Live: The Storyteller"
Elbow "Build A Rocket Boys!"
TV On The Radio "Nine Times Of Light"
John Doe "Keeper"
Biffy Clyro "Only Revolutions"
Ryan Adams "Ashes & Fire"
fun. "Aim And Ignite"
The Strokes "Angles"
The Wombats "The Wombats Proudly Present... This Modern Glitch"
The Kooks "Junk Of The Heart"
OMD "History Of Modern"
Iron & Wine "Kiss Each other Clean"
Ivy "All Hours"
Bad Religion "The Dissent Of Man"
Man Man "Life Fantastic"
Ladytron "Gravity The Seducer"
Indigo Girls "Beauty Queen Sister"
The Felice Brothers "Celebration Florida"
Girls "Father, Son, Holy Ghost"
Mates Of State "Mountaintops"
Real Estate "Days"
British Sea Power "Valhalla Dancehall"
Manchester Orchesra "Simple Math"
Social Distortion "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes"
DeVotchka "100 Lovers"

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Do you get The New Yorker in your house? There's an article in the Jan 2 issue about Portlandia that makes much mention of Wild Flag.

Also, I'm psyched you love Tune-Yards. I used to work with her in a lil' coffee shop in Brattleboro, Vermont. I'm beside myself at how talented of a musician she is! Merrill has done well for herself and she deserves it.

Happy New Year to you, MudCub!

I only buy OLD cd's.

The last cd I bought: The Yardbirds: Having a Rave Up. This one was recorded in 1966!

Happy New Year!

I bought the Beastie Boy's Hot Sauce Comm. Pt. 2 because I had heard the packaging was great. It was. Thankfully I downloaded it to my Itunes before I lent it to a student and never saw it again.
I miss the packagaing that came with some of the earlier CDs. The Scissor Sister's Ta Da, with the elevator, is one to hold on to.

As a former UNIX junkie, I want to know what the files are named, where they are located, with a consistency of directory structure.

And with the introduction of "long" filenames for Windoze over 15 years ago, there really is no excuse for sshort, cryptic naming of files!

Another CD buyer here. Interesting list. I guess if I want the new KC disc I'll have to order the import.

Also, surprised you liked The Kooks. That was one of my let downs!

Is that Tim? Yeah, I'm worried the Kooks are another band on the long slow slide to mediocrity. But I saw them in concerts, so the new songs have a fun fresh feeling for me (although you're right - they're not very memorable). I also have the Strokes on my best list, and some people really hate that CD.

i like to buy CDs because i enjoy having the artifact in my hand, although i will admit my purchases have decreased in the past few months from the combination of less discretionary income and Spotify.
it delights me that you listen to Ivy.

I still buy CD's and really wish I could get to my local music store more often. Fortunately, Portland still has several great independent record stores.

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