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Patrick Kellogg's New Years Resolutions for 2012


Here are my New Years Resolutions for 2012
Start a charitable trust
Work on Sonic restaurants
Fix my bad back
Go to Further Confusion
Go to Coachella again
Join gay hockey team as full-time player
Practice with Gotham Knights rugby
Volunteer at MoMATH for opening
Volunteer at GLBT Center
Clean up a beach (maybe Gowanus Canal?)
Be more political
Go to a dude ranch
Go to Iceland
Go to SxSW
Learn to sew
Ride a horse
Find a farm to work on
Find purpose in life/ reason to wake up in the morning
Stop fighting with Thor
Play more

And here are some New Years resolutions from previous years that I never got around to
Do civil war reenacting
Read Marcel Proust
Read War And Peace
Read Moby Dick
Read Don Quixote
Do the Navy Seal Challenge
Learn French
Learn Italian
Learn Japanese
Go back to school
Go skydiving
Go to Australia (Sydney and Alice Springs)
Go on a diving vacation
Go prospecting
Try geocaching
Learn boxing
Get a buckle in rodeo
Take Thor
Attend smokejumper school
Go to a shooting range
Go ATV mudding
Buy an ATV
Get a massage
Learn how to give a massage
Find more good recipes
Eat better
Do an entire weekend
Cultivate local friends that can be invited over for game nights, movie nights, and cigar & poker nights
Buy a gun
Take shooting classes
Go hunting
Organize a hunting trip
Get a concealed carry permit
Record a multi-track song on computer
Visit a slaughterhouse
Get a motorcycle license
Leave to dive: scuba certification for both wetsuit and drysuit
Take mining classes at the Colorado School of Mines
Join the police citizen's brigade
Go whitewater rafting
Go caving
Start sword fighting again
Learn the butterfly stroke
Play three of my own guitar songs at an "open mic" night
Learn to unicycle
Start painting
Finish programming projects
Don't eat right before bedtime2

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