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I need a pharmacist! Pronto!

Last week, I went and saw Ted Leo and the Pharmacists... a local punk band. Ted Leo was in fine voice, singing his crafty little pop punk songs. But my heart went out to Chris Wilson on drums. The guy looks the a cross between an Allman brother, Mick Fleetwood, and animal the muppet drummer. Above is my bad iPhone photo, but check the cut below to see more of his beardy goodness

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Yes, totally Mick Fleetwood, but with ink! Your photo on the top is so blurry, I really did think it was an archival photo from some dirt rock band from the early 70s.
Hmm, I used to have that same Touch and Go 25th Anniversary t-shirt. Where the hell did it go?...

He's the sorta guy that can really turn my crank.

And did we hang out by the stage door to offer a hot grope after the show?

And he could *really* hit the drums. Every song had a different beat, which is something a lot of drummer forget.

He's hot. But isn't 'punk' and 'fine voice' an oxymoron? :)

A) Ted Leo.
B) That guy.

Strong disagree.

What a shame he and Brent Mydland couldnt have played in the same band....for other than the 10 most obvious reasons.....

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