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The bear community now has a bad genre rapper! I am so proud.

More information can be found here, in case you're interested.

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Not to mention bad taste in eyeglass frames!

Oh really? Did that really just happen? *head shake*

I'll never be able to watch Bambi again.

This is just begging for a lip-dubbing.

I know this may seem like a dumb question, but if you're gonna name your Gay song "April Showers" ... shouldn't it have some sort of pee action going on? And if not that, maybe a close-up of somebody in a tight t-shirt getting rained on?

Seriously, the current cable TV ad (Xfinity?) where the kid stands out in the rain and hugs a soaked cable installer ... is 10 times more sexy than this crappy video will ever be!

Have you see Christeene's "African Mayonnaise"?

While our local Christeene isn't really a bear, a number of the young'uns including the furry ones are fans and in the video.

It's kind of cool that the kids are making music and videos. And I'd take big dipper over bear force one any day.

Here's Christeene.. NSFW.. http://vimeo.com/34341636

LOL ... sportin' the Mr. T look with the mohawk... it is so bad, it's funny, but not particularly listenable.

I can't help but think that today's "music business" is a race to the bottom :(

and so the bears begin to eat themselves...

Omg get it? Big dipper? It's in Ursa Major, omg so silly.

Well regardless of all the criticisms, I plan on flying out to Chicago and sticking my penis is his mouth.

That should make everyone happy.

i say this as a huge fan of slutty hairy fags, queer hip-hop, and unusually-sourced samples:

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