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Ticket Bastards

Dammit! I took time out of my vacation to buy tickets for Coachella Friday morning. They had an awful website, and the terrible wi-fi at the hotel was giving me time-outs and 404 errors. But my VISA company said a $336 charge went through, so I didn't worry. But this morning I called the ticket site to verify, and they said I DON'T have tickets, and now they're all sold out. So, no Coachella for me - I think TicketMaster and all these bootleg reseller sites (eBay, StubHub, TicketExchange) are a huge rip-off.

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Hi. There's a group on Facebook called Coachella Bears. If you still want to go, it may be worth your while to join the group and ask anyone if they have extra tickets. Most likely, someone will be able to help you out.

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