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Have you ever heard the phrase "mess with the steer, you get the horns?" Well, last weekend, I messed with the steer.

I have the bruise to show for it: a nasty-looking painful purple spot just under my left armpit. The funny thing is, I don't remember how I got it... things were moving way too fast. I think he turned his head as I was rolling away, and I got a horn. Even with my padded protective vest on, that's was real powerful hard object hitting my ribs - 400 pounds of mad cow...

I competed in my first rodeo ever: the Rocky Mountain regionals at the JeffCo fairgrounds. I got 8th in chute dogging (the one where you rassle the steers). And I got 13th in roping on foot. I'm really proud of that last one, because a lot of guys don't "catch" on their first attempt. I got really lucky with my timing, and the steer bascially walked into the lasso I threw. So, I can't claim all the credit.

I met a lot of great guys. My 8th place finish wasn't enough to win me a buckle or money, but it got me 15 points for IGRA. I'll be at the IGRA finals here in Denver in October, but just as a spectator, not a contestant. However, the rodeo is a *lot* more fun as a competitor. Those cowboys git all frisky after their events, and can hide behind the chutes and stands where the public can't see them. The mud I'm wearing above is proof to that!

Have you ever heard the phrase "This ain't my first rodeo?" Well, after this weekend, I can say that now.

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Lookin' pretty good there, cowpoke!

Big brass ones.

even bigger than mine

Congrats on your first rodeo.... wish I could have witnessed the mudcub in action.... nice pic :-)

I dunno - you got horns?

Hawt. Thanks for sharing the pic. Congrats!

And on a unrelated (to this post) note, I thought that this pic was a bit ironic given that you've had a lot of shit thrown your way recently. And you've kept that beautiful grin about you despite being thrown.

Yeah, the funny thing is... I was trying to keep a straight face for the photographer, and I just couldn't do it!

Looks like you had fun.

Oh my!

I'm tenting my pants right now.

great pic and posting buddy

good gawd, you're hawt.

Erm ... WOW.

:: adjusts self ::

You tried to control a Taurus!
I approve.

Wishing you the best! Great picture! You're a dirty bear, LOL.
Sorry for being tardy.

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