January 15th, 2007



I had an interesting time at MAL. I ate a lot of food, did the tourist thing, and saw a lot of hot men. But I didn’t buy anything at the leather mart, and didn’t have sex with anybody. I spoke to six men and one woman, for a total of about eight minutes of conversation. And I think I initiated all of those conversations except two.

But I got two wear my dirty garage shirt and oil-soaked jeans. And I got to wear my rugby kit to the first cocktail party, and rubber shorts and harness to the Blowoff concert, and that was fun. I love Bob Mould.

So all in all, I’d go back to MAL – just not anytime soon. Washington D.C. was a great city, and I saw a lot of fantastic museums (the Portrait Gallery was outstanding, with exhibits on Joseph Cornell and Josephine Baker… two of my favorite artists). But I’m not sure how I fit into the leather community, or if the stuff I like to do even “works” in that setting. Oh well, at least it got me out of the cold Denver weather for a weekend.
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    Bob Mould "(Shine Your) Light Love Hope"