March 22nd, 2007


Things I Hate But Should Try To Like

I’m a bad bear. I should be punished, or at the very least hit repeatedly over and over with a stick. But I don’t want to go into that now…

Instead, I’m currently serving penance for a post I sent to septimuswarren. I ranted about how I hated reading Thoreau as a teenager. So, I just bought “Walden” and will start it tonight. I’m trying to be a better person, or at least expanding my horizons beyond my tight list of likes and dislikes.

With that in mind, here is a list of other things that I hate, and I should work on changing:

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There are tons of other things I dislike but should learn to like: country music, wine, smoking cigarettes, sport shooting, laying on the beach, spicy food, photography, soap operas, hunting, ham radio, hiking, bridge, genealogy, birdwatching, astronomy, stamp collecting, opera, scrapbooking, and working on cars and motorcycles. So many of my friends enjoy these things that there must be *something* to them. However, I can’t seem to see the pleasure yet.

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