April 9th, 2007

Black eye

Bad idea

I had sex with twice as many people at SmokeOut as I did at Mid Atlantic Leather. So, that would make two people. My partner and a friend of ours from Denver. So, I continue the tradition of flying 1000 miles to have sex with people that are too busy to fucking call me up in my own hometown.

SmokeOut was the best leather/bear event I have ever been to: the hottest, kinkiest guys I have ever met. And friendly too, with lots of offers to hook up and do nasty things. So, it was a shame that my partner and I had a fight and I wasn’t able to have sex with anybody else. It was like being in a candy store if you were a diabetic. Lots of desire, but no ability.

We stayed in our hotel room most of Sunday drinking and sleeping. NOT a fun weekend. I totally fucking give up. I’ve tried talking to my boyfriend, suggesting ways we can open up our relationship, but he still threatens to leave me if we’re not monogamous. What can I say? I love the guy. So, I’m planning on putting my penis away for a while, becoming celibate, and see if that works instead. Drama...
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