April 30th, 2007



(I drew this)

Well, we lost our final rugby game this weekend. That makes us 0-and-8 for the season. It was a tough spring – we had to cancel three of our games due to rain (rain!) and I had an amazing ability to get injured during the last three minutes of every game. I had a bad shoulder for a month that made me unable to catch or tackle, and now I’ve got a bum knee from a collapsed scrum. One of the guys on the team said, “Now you’ve got all summer to recuperate!” But somehow that doesn’t make me feel better. I haven’t jogged for a month, and I’m getting fat again. I’ll try to lift or swim this week, but I’ve only got a few weeks to get back into shape before summer hockey starts
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Ropin' and Rasslin'

Guess what I did this weekend for the first time?

Yeah, I decided I needed a new hobby that would cost a lot of money and suck up all my weekends this summer.

The Colorado Gay Rodeo Association had an open cattle practice day, so the members could practice for the upcoming summer rodeos. We're hosting the national finals in October, so it should be a pretty busy summer.

I've done some roping in the past, but I've forgotten everything I knew. Still, after about an hour or so roping the practice steer (the plastic one that couldn't move), I could do 8 for 10 from about 10 feet. But what I really enjoyed was the chute dogging. I wrestled a few steers, but none of them fell.

I guess if I was a real hired hand on a ranch, I'd be fired by now! Still, I had a lot of fun...

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