May 29th, 2007


The Big Room

I really hate gardening. I would be happy if I could sit in front of a computer the rest of my life, and never have to go outside. Therefore, it's strange that I'm married a guy who *teaches* floral design, and loves to garden.

Luckily, I love to get dirty. And that's a hard thing to do by staying inside. So, every so often I follow my boyfriend outdoors into the "great big room with the blue ceiling", and I get to dig and roll in the mud.

I like this initial part of spring. With Mike's permission, I can be the Master of Destruction, chewing up flower beds and creating large trenches and mud puddles. Throwing manure over everything, and remaking the dirt into different piles and shapes. I'd use a backhoe in my backyard if it would fit. Weeding and fussing with seedlings? Not so much.

Please take a look at the flowers. Since this is Colorado, they only have a few months until they are burned to a crisp by the summer heat and the lack of water. I enjoy them while I can, and then I head back inside to my computer.
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    Peter Gabriel "Digging In The Dirt"