October 15th, 2007



What a butch Saturday.

  • Rodeo in the morning (just watching, not competing, though I really really wanted to jump in the arena after watching the doggin)
  • Rugby in the afternoon (a match against Boulder in the pouring rain... we won, and I played good for the first half)
  • Ice hockey at night (start of a new season with a bunch of new players. 2-1 loss, but I see a lot of promise, myself included)

If I could go back in time twenty years, my weekend activities would have freaked out the 18 year old effete suburban scholar that I was. As an adult, I find myself attracted to the things I didn't do as a teenager: rough sports, drinking, smoking cigars, and sex with men. I guess tastes change.

A reminder, if you want to meet me, I'll be at the Renegades bar in San Jose Tues-Thurs nights, Oct 16-18. And if you're in San Francisco, I'm going to try and make the Lone Star beer bust on Sunday, October 21. I'll be wearing a shirt that says "Mudcub", so you can't miss me. Unless, of course, you do.
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    Band Of Horses "Cease To Begin"