December 19th, 2007


New Year's Resolutions

I have a theory about new year's resolutions. They have to be something that I can accomplish by myself. They can't depend on somebody doing something for me. For example, "write a 300 page book" would be a good goal. "Become a top ten selling author" isn't a good goal, because it relies on mass popularity - something I have little control over.

So, is my list of new year's resolutions for 2008. I think it's going to be a good year!

1. Leave to dive: scuba certification for both wetsuit and drysuit
2. Go ATV mudding
3. Take mining classes at the Colorado School of Mines (or police classes at the Citizen's Academy)
4. Ride roughstock at the rodeo
5. Have a lot of kinky sex (oops, that one depends on one or more people to accomplish)

I didn't do very good at my resolutions this year, but I've done pretty good in past years:
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Best/Worst Meme

* Greatest Moment.....
Joining the clampers in June

* Worst Moment.....
Finding out my dad has lung cancer

* Funnyest Moment.....
Having coffee with the bears in Harrisburg

* Scariest Moment.....
My corporate credit card canceled right before a trip overseas

* Most Graceful Moment.....
My game-winning hockey goal in the last second

* Klutziest Moment.....
Missing tackles in rugby

* Happiest Moment.....
Getting back together with my boyfriend

* Saddest Moment
Breaking up with my boyfriend

* Best Accomplishment.....
Programming a perl/Oracle database for the Army

* Worst Blunder.....
Hitting "Reply all" to a trick on the internet - thus letting my boyfriend know I was cheating on him

* Best Line heard.....
"I love you"

* Worst line heard.....
"Turn on the news... I think that's your family's company exploding"

* Proudest Moment.....
Getting 6th in chute dogging and "catching" my first time steer roping at the Colorado gay rodeo

* Most Embarrassing Moment.....
Having to repack my suitcase at the airport check-in counter because it was overweight. There were a lot of toys on top...

* Best Weekend.....
Camping with gay friends at Yosemite

* Best evening out.....
Blowing glass with my boyfriend

* Best Discovery this year.....
All my friends on LiveJournal

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Gone Baby Gone

I got in my first real gloves-off throw-down hockey fight. It was my fault... I've been playing rugby lately, so I have a tendency to drop my shoulder and hit guys harder than I should for an amateur adult no-checking hockey league. When I didn't get called for a penalty, the guy decided to shark me around the ice in order to get a cheap hit and some revenge. He punched me in the head, and I got a scratch under my eye and on my nose as the cage came up but the helmet didn't come off. I grabbed him and there was some pushing and shoving, but that was pretty much it for the fight.

Anyway, I'll be gone to Paris, France for the Christmas holiday, and then up to Belgium for new year's. The next time I'll be around is in 2008. See you next year!
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