January 15th, 2008



Well, I’m off this weekend to the Phoenix Gay Rodeo, the Road Runner Regional Rodeo. I’m going to the 2008 AGRA rodeo school for the first two days, so I’m leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) for five days.

I’m going to try steer riding for the first time. Yeah, I know, I’m stupid. I got all new equipment, and all I need is the knowledge how to use it all. And the nerve. I've got the bull rope, bull, glove, rosin, mouthguard, and helmet. I'd like to try my new spurs out on someone, if there are any volunteers.

At heart, I’m a gearwhore. I love starting a new sport or hobby and wearing all the pads and uniforms and stuff that goes along with it. Part of the fun of playing hockey and football for me was all the stuff. Henry David Thoreau said in Walden, "Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes." Henry David Thoreau can suck my motherfucking dick… he doesn’t know what he’s missing.
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