March 17th, 2008


..but you can call me Siddhartha

Sometimes, I get email where the spambots try to parse out my name so they can make me think they know me. “Congratulations, Mr. PKELLOGG, you are a winner!”

However, for some strange reason, for the past three weeks some spambot thinks that my name is “water”:

I could understand “Walter”, as if my first name was confused with another entry in some hateful spam database. But “water”?

Perhaps this is a way of the universe recognizing my newfound balance and center. For example, my partner and I are not currently fighting, and we may have found a resolution to the relationship problem we’ve been having for the past three years. I am the happiest I have been in months.

I also tried gay nude yoga for the first time. I attended a 4 hour intensive workshop where I learned all the positions and basics. Was it erotic? Well, it was electrifying to be naked in a room with 12 other men. And the philosophical side of myself thought about what certain words meant like “brotherhood” or “body” or “energy”.

But it’s like when I was wrestling in college: most of the time I was too busy thinking, “Ow, this guy is sitting on my head” to be aroused. Instead of a simple sexual exercise, it was hard work, and the nude part was just a nice feature, not the purpose of the class. I recommend Keith's class to any gay men in Denver who are interested... hit me up if you want to know more.
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