April 8th, 2008


Keith was the sole inhabitant

Where Was I? Batesfordshire - that's a lousy place.... 8:45 and you go out
and it's utterly flat. I can't see any enthusiasm for that kind of thing at
all. My idea when we started out was to have a-you know-a rising up, a sort
of an undulating, ovulating ground, which you don't get so much nowadays.
Everything tends to be sort of piecemeal and staggered, which I don't think
is very exciting, do you? Ah, hmm, you're not there, either.
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I work for the government in a secure facility. So, I have to walk past a set of security guards each morning, my belongings are searched, then through a set of locked doors with my keycard and password, then through the building and into *another* set of locked doors into a special "super secret" work area arrive at my desk. Leaving the office (or even to use the bathroom), requires this same process in reverse.

I have over 10 computer passwords I have to memorize (and not write down). I have to unlock file cabinets and safes and these weird electronic locks where the numbers move at random so anybody looking over your shoulder can't see what buttons you are pressing. Anyway, we also have locks like these:

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