April 29th, 2008



i wrote this story as a present to a Master friend of mine. It's about a subject that terrifies me. But the fact that this particular Master requested me explicitly to write this story terrifies me more. i would love to submit to my friend the bondage Master again... but i shure hope that he wouldn't be inspired to put me through a scene like this one!

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I Am A Wild Blue Beast

Stolen from Radar magazine

"A globetrotter's guide to euphemisms for guys who are a little light in the loafers:"

He is a little bird (Yiddish)
He is a little deer (Brazilian Portuguese)
He is a flyswatter (French)
He is from the other shore (German)
He walks on the far sidewalk (Spanish)
He is a vendor of pots and pans (Portuguese)
He is a beechnut (Czech)
He is a wild blue beast (Zulu)
He is a warm-water person (Slovenian)
He makes "ding dang" sounds (Greek)
He is one of Lot's people (Arabic)
He is in the relationship of the cutting of the sleeve (Mandarin)
He is a cooking pot (Japanese)
His blood is green (Tagalog)
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