May 7th, 2008



I have a friend whose son is graduating from high school. He's a great kid, and he and I both love the music of Placebo. The kid is kind of a goth - real queer friendly. I am getting my friend's son a $100 iTunes card. Which teenager wouldn't love that?

However, I'd also like to give the kid a crash course in "early goth". The music of my late 1980's/early 1990's  youth. Music that he may not have been exposed to. Songs that rocked my world. Can you think of any CDs I should buy? That way the teenager could sell them back for a few bucks if he hates them. Here are some of my ideas: 

Peter Murphy
Joy Division
This Mortal Coil
Cocteau Twins
Dead Can Dance
Other 4AD bands?

Thanks for any ideas you might have!
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Gas Mask

The Things I Do For A Paycheck

Well, my company changed it's mind (if it even had one in the first place). So, it looks like i won't be living in Texas for the month of June. Sorry about that. Dammit... and I really wanted to meet mrh745i, stickyboy, dfwruffplay, and (especially) lthrfan.

Instead, I'll be working in San Jose for a month, from Memorial Day until the 4th of July. I dunno... are there any gay people in Northern California? Do you think I can meet any?
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