May 21st, 2008


IML 2008

I will be at IML from Friday, May 23, until Monday, May 26. I'd love to meet any LiveJournal people that are going. I should be easy to spot... I'll be wearing dirty workclothes, similar to the stuff like this I wore at MAL last year:

I don't know why I don't like to wear leather to a leather event. I feel like I am expected to put on some uniform that doesn't represent who I am. Sure I own chaps and a vest, and I love the way leather smells and how it feels (particularly like a sleepsack... mmm...) But I'd rather be noticed at first sight (and smell) as a little different. I've found it creates some fun conversations with creative kinky people.

My cell phone is 303-594-9220... and I have no plans for the entire weekend, except maybe the puppy pile on Friday night. Give me a call or text if you want want to get together. And if You are a kinky Master who wants some service, feel free to call right away!
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