July 19th, 2008

Black eye

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Noon. The 99.2 mile marker outside of Boonville, MO, about an hour and a half outside of Kansas City.

David was driving on I-70 going east, when all of a sudden, the truck cut out, like it was out of gas. We pulled over to the side of the road, and called UHaul assistance. Three hours later in the hot sun, and we're still dead.

Two hot bears stopped by in a repair truck. Cliff and Don... pics to be shared later. They diagnosed a broken fuel pump. But it's taking hours for UHaul to send a tow truck.

No seriously... fuck UHaul. Hard.

5 pm. It took UHaul three hours to find a tow truck to bring us 20 miles to the nearest UHaul center in Columbia, Missouri. We waited in 110 degree heat, standing away from the truck just in case anybody plowed into the back of it.

Bob the truck driver was hot (pictures forthcoming), and talked non-stop about the hot college girls he often towed. Columbia is a big college town. And that was our problem.

This is a few weeks before school starts, so *all* the UHaul trucks were booked. They wanted to give us a 26 foot (!) truck to replace our 10 foot. No fucking way, I said... not with the price of gas and driveability.

UHaul played hardball, giving us no options besides staying overnight in Columbia. I threatened to chargeback to Visa until they promised me a full refund.

We walked to a Penske rental shop next door, but they were out of cars. But Penske they dropped us off at a Budget rental across town. There, our new friend Mohammed, who had ACLU advertisements over his copy of the Qu'uran, rented me a 15 foot for half the price of UHaul.

Fuck UHaul. They promised me a full refund, and now they are backtracking. I'll have to call Visa and chargeback the rest. I'd warn anybody to avoid them. Their phone customer service was extremely painful and rude. The asshole at the office did nothing, claiming his regional manager had to approve everyting. And the manager said I had to go to the local office.

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