September 25th, 2008


Hello, My Name is Patrick Kellogg and I'm a Shopaholic

Tomorrow is moving day! I will set out in my car with 6 months of supplies, and all my stuff will be stored by the wagon train. Hopefully, before next summer, I can sell my house in Denver and find a place to live in San Francisco. Until then, I'll be staying with friends or renting a cheap apartment. What an adventure!

So... this is what 10,000 CDs looks like. After boxing up everything I own, I have to admit that I'm a gearwhore. You don't wanna see the 16 boxes of uniforms, toys, rubber, and leather and that came out of an upstairs closet. It had all been pile in a heap on the floor for the last couple of years. Sometimes I would go in there at night and roll around. But after moving this week, I think I have to admit I have a problem.

Does anybody have a house in the bay area they could sell me that has lots and lots and lots of shelves? And a dungeon...
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