October 29th, 2008


Fleur de sel caramels

I often have food cravings I can't get rid of. Recent examples have been McDonald's quarter pounders, fresh pineapple, Pizza Hut meat lover's pan pizza, sundried tomatoes, cool ranch flavored doritos, imported cheeses, unagi sushi, jelly donuts, truffles (both kinds, but not at the same time), or the taste of chewing tobacco. As a kid, my mom was amazed I would eat the same thing for lunch every day (like peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches) and then switch to only eat something else (like olive loaf sandwiches).

Lately I have a craving for "fleur de sel" caramel. Häagen-Dazs just came out with a reserve ice cream flavor, and I was hooked. That wonderful Häagen-Dazs vanilla, with just enough salt taste to make you want to take another bite - and then another. A glass of ice water is definitely needed afterwards! But I wanted to try the real thing, so I got online and ordered a box from Fran's Chocolates.

The box came in the mail today, and I'm really impressed. Shipped in a beautiful gift container on ice. The weather has been quite cloudy here in San Jose, so I don't think I needed to worry about melting, but the cold packs were a nice touch. I know I'll use them for the scrapes and cuts I get from playing rugby with the SF Fog. (And bruises from rough sex, cough, cough).

There are two kinds of fleur de sel caramels in this box: dark chocolate with gray salt, and milk chocolate with smoked salt. The smoky taste reminds me of a wonderful dessert I ate with thornyc last month at WD50. The salt hits your tastebuds first, like doing a tequila shot. It's quite a wake-up... like being slapped. Then, your tongue tastes the chocolate, literally being coated in cocoa butter. Your teeth bite down into the caramel, and they keep sinking into the sugar. It's a great animalistic feeling, like ripping meat off a bone. The caramel squishes and chews, and the remaining salt gives an occasional crunch and flavor pop that keeps things interesting.

I know, I know... I'll put anything into my mouth. I have a sick fetish to be tied up, and the Top feeds me things like fleur de sel caramels. Or His cock - that's salty and sweet as well!
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