November 7th, 2008




I got tired of the bare (and lavender... thanks sfbritskin) walls of my new room, so I bought some art. Matthew Marks gallery in NYC is sending me this naylandblake drawing.

It's rather sweet... Nayland has done many more extreme pieces. But I like this one. I identify as a bear - but maybe now that I'm in San Jose, I should start thinking of myself as a bunny:

"Conceptual artist Nayland Blake's use of the character of a bunny rabbit in his artwork began as a way of discussing the stereotype of homosexual male promiscuity. When he began to investigate the complexity of identity, taking into account his gender and sexuality as well as his own biracial mix of African and European heritage, he started to see the bunny in the context of not only a pop cultural icon that could be subverted to express gay identity but also as the African American folk hero of the Uncle Remus tales."

I thought that if I couldn't have Nayland Blake in my bed... at least I could have him hanging over it. To see more of his art, please check out:

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