December 10th, 2008



In honor of today's "Day Without A Gay", I've decided to call myself straight for 24 hours.

Oh, don't get me wrong... I'm still going to have gay sex. In fact, I've got a date later tonight. But I'm going to have gex sex like a straight person: I'm going to drink a lot beforehand, and then keep saying how, "I've never done anything like this before!"
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My High School Job in Rubber

Here is a mostly true story about a job I had in high school in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. I only worked there for a few summers.

I should have known I was gay when I saved the money I made from being a farm laborer and bought Laurie Anderson's "United States I-IV" on cassette. I should have *really* figured out I was gay when I left that job and played showtunes on the piano for a paddleboat that did dinner theater up and down the Mississippi River. But I guess I was gay the minute I figured out I loved crawling into heavy industrial rubber suits.

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