December 25th, 2008


Merry Stuckmas

Sitting here at Chicago O'Hare. My plane got stuck here Christmas eve night.

But I didn't have to sleep on the floor... United "untidy" Airlines paid for a hotel room. But I still had to pay for my hotel room and rental car in Portland, Maine, since I didn't cancel 24 hours in advance. Merry fucking Christmas.

No, seriously, I'm doing fine. I love traveling with my ex. He's such an easy-going guy. An overnight delay and a really rude taxi driver would make most gay guys irate, but not him. Instead, he's like the master of zen travel. He's just happy to be with me this Christmas holiday, and when we get there... we get there.

Hope you are all safe and warm and where you are supposed to be this day. Happy holiday to everyone out there in LiveJournaland. My virtual internet friends have meant a lot to me in 2008. Blog you all next year!
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