February 9th, 2009



I walked from the Lone Star all the way to the summit of Twin Peaks and back yesterday. That was about a 7 mile round-trip, not counting a 3 mile jog at the Castro 24 Hour Fitness.

I am very tired and foot-sore this morning! I want to lose weight and get really muscular so I look like a hot leatherman and be worthy of being owned as a slave someday.

I would have lost weight if it wasn't for two doughnuts during my walk, the two (2!) trips to Starbears, the "Butch Bar" at Hot Cookie, my huge feast at India Garden, and all the beer and alcohol consumed during my endless round trips to the Eagle, Lone Star, Hole In The Wall, Powerhouse, Chaps II, and back again.
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    Kylie Minogue "Boombox"