April 22nd, 2009


I want a match

If I was in Denver, I know where I would want to be: the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown on April 24-26, 2009! Held every year at the JeffCo fairgrounds, it's all the pinball you can play for $15... no quarters required! Plus, there is a competition each day - usually on a new machine nobody has figured out yet. There's a time limit and a *lot* of luck involved, so just about anyone can be a pinball winner.

However, if I was *actually* in Denver this weekend (which I won't be), what I would probably be doing is painting my house. After 6 months of my old house being on the market with no offers, I switched realtors. And the new guy doesn't like the color of my walls. He wants everything white (a side note to Master Thor... "White, white, white is the colour of our carpet!")

But the new realtor has done a great job of advertising. Check out the new photos on the Sotheby's web site. I like how he used a white-angle fisheye lens to make everything look bigger. And there is a virtual walkthrough that is pretty amazing. Maybe I should buy the house myself! But I feel bad that my parents and my ex are having to do all the work of painting my house to get it to sell. I owe them one... in a lot of ways.
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