May 22nd, 2009


It's Still Rock N' Roll To Me

I used to work at a CD store in Minnesota. We would get *tons* of free promo stuff: CDs, posters, movies, t-shirts. But most of all, we would get free concert tickets. If sales weren't going well (or even if they were), promoters would peel off a few rows of seats or standing-room-only tickets and hend them out. I was a lonely colletge student trying to be straight, so I spent almost every night at First Avenue and 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, a dirty little theater/bar that Prince made famous in "Purple Rain".

After college, I think I was burned out, and I stopped going to shows. But I also got tired of paying fifty bucks for a ticket, with a TicketBastard twenty dollar "handling charge" added on. And then when I got to the concert and paid for parking, waited in line for an hour to be patted down ineffectively and hassled about my belongings, I got to stand next to a cigarette or pot smoker, or worse, somebody on a cell phone who talked during the entire show. But who cares, since most bands play the songs exactly the way they sounded on the record anyway, because that's what the audience wants: no solos and no surprises.

I've been getting back into live music lately. Mostly because I enjoy the fellowship of seeing a show with a friends. And dancing my ass off with bears and getting sweaty. It can be a magical experience, particulary if you catch the right band at the right venue at the right moment in their career.

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