June 24th, 2009


Sitting At Home Eating Bonbons

Review of Recchiuti

I met foodpoisoningsf at the "ferry building" in downtown San Francisco. I had never been there before. It turned out to be a wonderful place - there was an amazing farmer's market taking place just outside. My friend showed me where the Recchiuti store was, and I was really impressed at the selection.

I bought some fruit gelees. I love those those. They bring back wonderful memories of my childhood. One time I was on a shopping trip with my mom, and I wanted one of the fruit-shaped gelly things so bad that I started to cry. The saleswoman felt bad, and gave me one for free. That taught me that pitching a fit will get you whatever you want in this world.

Also, I bought a "burnt caramel almond bag" which was a bag of almonds withan awesome crunchy candy outer shell. I can only eat two of those at a time before my head explodes. But the reason I was there was to buy a "burgundy box", a 32-piece assortment of one of each of all the truffles they sell:

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