September 17th, 2009


New phone!


I've got a new phone! I wanted an iPhone, but I'm still on Verizon - which doesn't offer Apple products. So, I chose a Blackberry clone. One problem is that I used to have a Palm OS on my last phone. They forced me to use the "Palm Desktop", which didn't synchronize to Microsoft Outlook. Or, maybe they *thought* they were synchronizing with Outlook, but for some reason all of my addresses were destroyed. I have some people's phone numbers still, but I had to re-type all the physical locations.

So, if you want to be friends with me, or at least get a Christmas card in a few months: please send me your city, street, and zip code! I'd love to add you into my phone. Thanks... it means a lot to me.

Emails can go to, or reply in this thread - which has protected comments.

In one week, I will be living in Washington DC. My new address is:

Patrick Kellogg
426 Union Street North
Alexandria, VA 22314-2304
same cell number of 303-594-9220
same email of
same webpage of
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