December 4th, 2009


Musee Mechanique

Master Thor took me to the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco last weekend. This is my first attempt at posting video from my phone. Let's see how well it works out!

This one is a country dance. It's supposed to be moving, but instead just ate my quarter. However, I thought I'd include it because the puppets look so cool

This one's for naylandblake. I was a little upset at first that the cabinet was so dark that my phone couldn't record what was going on. But now I think that makes it more wonderful... you can see that *something* is moving, but it's hard to tell exactly *what*

Finally, a moving amusement, in more ways than one. Whoever thought it would be interesting to craft a tragic scene with puppets: notice comes from a ship that someone has died (or maybe everyone on board), and the dancers continue to swirl around each other inside, unknowing
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Gay Rights in 2010?

I had forgotten about the upcoming legal challenge to Prop 8 that will be heard next year. Check out this article in the American Prospect:

This is more than state-by-state incrimentalism, nor it is an arcane legal challenge like this year's debate on if Prop 8 was an amendment or a revision. Instead, this is the whole tamale - finally, a legal case that will reach the US Supreme Court to decide if homosexuality is part of the human condition, or merely a random sexual fetish. Read the article... this is the only action on gay rights we will see in 2010, since all of the oxygen in the room will be consumed by positioning for the upcoming midterm elections.
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