February 3rd, 2010


My My My Poker Phrase My My Poker Phrase

This weekend, I was pretending to be a footstool. Don't ask. What's important is that I had an hour of time to kill. So, I started thinking about numbers... something I love to do. I realized that a standard playing deck has 52 cards. Meanwhile, the english alphabet has 26 letters... 52 if you count upper and lowercase separately. Therefore, you can map cards to characters:


Here is my puzzle for you. In the comments section below, please enter your best result for each of the following poker hands:

1. High card
2. One pair
3. Two pair
4. Three of a kind
5. Straight
6. Flush
7. Full house
8. Four of a kind
9. Straight flush

For example, if I picked the word "EAGLE", it might correspond to the following poker hand:


That's a pair of fives, with an ace high card. Can you beat that? Each hand must be a valid five-letter word, preferably in english. Bonus points if it appears in the Scrabble dictionary, but you might win if you have an amusing word that I like. Ace can be high or low in a straight, but not both.

Comments are hidden and the winner of the contest will be revealed Friday. Good luck!
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