February 19th, 2010


The Throne and the Sword

I have a throne now! Ok, it's a boot blacking chair, so I can polish Master Thor's boots (thornyc) whenever He comes to visit me in Alexandria, Virgina. But I love the stained glass swords that now frame the doorway, which I bought for some privacy when I'm walking around the house nude. Which is almost all the time. They are from of the cheezy Ren Faire furniture collection at Toscano. I love Toscano... though I have to admit they're kind of tacky, the way that Hot Topic or ThinkGeek is tacky. It's a guilty pleasure.



Come visit sometime!
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    Kaiser Chiefs "Off With Their Heads"

Lady Georgia Georgia


Work is sending me to Atlanta, Georgia for a class, from Monday March 1 to Sunday March 7. Does anybody want to hang out?

I'll be stuck M-F northwest of town in Kennesaw, but I'm hoping I can make it into Atlanta Friday night through Sunday to see the city. Is there anything you can recommend I should see or do?
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