March 24th, 2010

Black eye

Pool cue to the back of the head


The good news is I got my pool table set up. The bad news is a bunch of drama came along with it, too.

You have to understand - this is the third time the pool table company has come out to try and set up this table. I've taken off three afternoons now from work, and I'm working late every night this week to make up the time.

For the first attempt, they didn't have the right hardware. But that was my fault, I hadn't unpacked some vital parts yet. The second time, they had the hardware, but not the felt. They brought 8 feet... for a 9 foot table. It's been several more weeks waiting for them to get the material (it's regulation green speedcloth, the most standard covering there is - and I'm shocked it took the store a month to get it in).

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