March 26th, 2010


Not Nudie

In addition to cutting my beard, my mom also told me to go buy a new suit. However, she didn't tell me what *kind* of suit!


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While I was in Atlanta, I went to Laredo Western Wear, in the Plaza Fiesta mall just south of the DeKalb-Peachtree airport. This mall is a trip. It's more Mexican than Mexico. It's like someone took an old shopping center, and filled it in with a warren of Blade-Runner-style booths filled with the oddest things. Old Sega Genesis cartridges sat next to shop that sold smoothie machines. Not smoothies... but the machines to make smoothies. Little girl's white Quinceañera dresses were next to a meat market selling parts of pigs that I didn't know were parts of pigs.

In the suit shop, only one girl spoke english, so I had to try my bad high school Spanish, "¿Esto con los pantalones?" I liked the Nudie suits, but I thought those were too flamboyant for a business meeting Des Moines, Iowa. Plus, they were really pricey. But amazingly beautiful. I'll have to wait buying one until my country-western CD goes platinum.

The plants are from my entry room next to the new bootblack chair. It's fake bamboo - I'm not raising marijuana in my hallway.
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