May 17th, 2010


The Tribulations of Muffy and Percival/ First World Problem

My mood is good - I've been happy for the whole month of May. Life is great now since getting off Lamictal in April... that stuff really made me depressed. I like my house and DC, my job is ok, I love serving Master Thor, and there are fun things planned all summer.

So, I need to remind myself that the little stuff is not a big deal. In that vein, I give you some MP3s by "MC Frontalot", the world's premiere "nerdcore rapper"... a guy who writes songs about math, science, and computers. These are off his new CD, "Year Zero".
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Math Question #2


I've finally opened all my moving boxes, and every CD I own is spread out over several shelves. The problem? They aren't alphabetized. I would like to sort them in order, but I would like to reserve enough shelf space first.

For example, imagine that I have 100 shelves. I could allocate 4 shelves for all the "A" CDs, 4 shelves for all the "B" CDs, and so on. However, this isn't a good strategy, since I don't own many CDs starting with the letter "Q", and many starting with "S".

Is there any good rule of thumb for how many CDs start with each letter of the alphabet? I would love a table that says "S = 12.87% and X=0.52%". I guess I could calculate the percentages from the list of CDs I own, but I was wondering if someone had already done this. Thanks!
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Who Murdered Robert Wone?

Washington DC is talking about the first day of the trial of the murder of Robert Wone. If you haven't heard about this case, please check out the wiki page at:

On August 2, 2006, Robert Wone - a 32 year old lawyer for "Radio Free Asia" - was working late at 10:30 pm and decided not to go home. Instead, he called his wife Kathy, and told her that he was going to crash at the Dupont Circle home of his William & Mary college buddy Joe Price. That night, Price and his renter Dylan Ward were drinking water in the kitchen, while Price's gay partner, Victor Zaborsky was alone in his bedroom watching "Project Runway". Price and Ward welcome Wone, showed him to a spare bedroom, and everyone went to bed for the night. Around 11 pm, Price and Zaborsky said they heard the beep of the security system from the back door. A few minutes later, they heard a low scream, and then another. When they got to the second-floor bedroom, they found Wone in bed, stabbed to death.

Certain details of the murder are odd. The paramedics found almost no blood in the room, as if Wone's corpse had been showered and all evidence cleaned up. The bloody knife by the bedside table was too small to cause the stab wounds in the body, and fibers were wiped on the blade to make it appear as if it was the murder weapon. Instead, a knife fitting the description was missing from a cutlery set that Dylan ward kept in his rented downstairs apartment. It was soon revealed that the Dylan Ward was not just a renter, but was an S&M Top who was the third in a "thruple" relationship with Price and his partner. Price initially lied about finding Wone's body by the patio door, then changed his story to has they found him in bed. Price (a lawyer), his partner (a marketing executive for the "Got Milk" campaign), and Dylan Ward have all stuck to their story and have not provided any details on the night's events over the last three years.

Pardon me for being morbid, but I wanted to post about the murder. I am interested in this case, not so much for the "CSI: DC" details, but because it's gotten me thinking about gay life in the 2010s, and how the media sensationalizes BDSM. Check out this webpage describing the S&M toys found in Dylan Ward's room:

The prosecution's current theory is that Price and Dylan Ward gave Wone a paralytic drug that knocked him out. That explains why there were no defensive wounds on Wone's body, commonly found with knife attacks. Price and Dylan Ward stuck an electro-ejaculator in Wone's ass, and smothered him with a pillow. Then, they stabbed him to death three times. One theory is that Price and Ward thought Wone was dead when he was just unconscious, and they stabbed him to cover up the accident during sex play.

Could any of this be true? Here are some of my thoughts:

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