September 8th, 2010



 Movie theater aren't just for movies any more! You can see an opera, or a concert, or Glenn Beck. Tonight, I went and saw Louis C.K.'s new movie Hilarious. And it was hilarious. I really love comedy. Some of my recent favorites are Doug Benson, David Cross, Maria Bamford, and Demetri Martin. I'm sad about the recent death of Robert Schimmel... he was great.

Last month, I also got a chance to see Reefer Madness as deconstructed by RiffTrax, which is made up of some of the members of MST3K. While it was funny, I laughed the loudest at the fake slides they showed right before the movie. You know, those annoying games and quizzes that are supposed to amuse the audience before the 30 minutes of movie previews start. Here are some of the teasers... I hope you enjoy them:

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