November 5th, 2010

Black eye

It's The Most Hate-filled Time Of The Year

I heard my first Salvation Army beggar today. And how can you NOT hear them? Those damn bells are really fucking loud.

I don't think people realize the extreme lengths the group has gone through in the past to discriminate against gay people (see here and here and here and here and here). It's a HUGE issue for them. So when you drop money into their bucket, you are funding an attempt by a religious group to get involved in anti-gay politics in the US.

I made up a card I will hand to the next bell-ringer I hear. I will look them in the eye and say, "Why do you hate me? You're an asshole."



Download a PDF file you can print out for yourself (10 cards per sheet, or use Avery-brand perforated business card in styles 5871, 8371, or 8871):

Front of card (
Back of card (

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