December 1st, 2010


Gay World

When I was sixteen years old, before I went to college, before I realized I was gay, I saw this video on public television. I was riveted. I couldn't believe they would broadcast this on TV. And I haven't seen it since. It's by therapist Brian McNaught, who leads a small audience in a "visualization" to imagine a world where everyone is gay. Except you.

Here is a bit of it that I typed out for you to read, if you don't have ten minutes to spare to listen to the whole thing:

"What if every billboard you passed featured two people of the same sex? If every comic book hero was gay? What would it feel like if every station you turned on the radio or television featured gay people - every movie you went to featured gay people? What would that feel like? What if your homeroom teacher was gay? And the librarian? And the principal? And the guidance counselor?

What if everyone in school thought you were too?

Now not everyone in this fantasy is gay. There are people who are sexually interested in, attracted to, people of the other gender. You learn this word later in your life - they're called 'heterosexuals'. Most people though when you're younger - mean people particularly - they don't call them heterosexuals. They call them 'breeders'. MAKE LOVE NOT BREEDER BABIES the bumper sticker says.

When a handful of breeders tried to get legislation passed so they wouldn't lose their apartment or their job, you saw a bumper sticker that said KILL A BREEDER FOR CHRIST.

These people want special rights for what they do in the bedroom the night before. Breeders.

The boy thought to be a breeder is the one hit in the head with a dodge ball in seventh grade. Your best friend whispered in your ear in seventh grade that God would vomit in the presence of a breeder.

That's what you think you are."
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