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I went to Dore Alley last weekend, and Daddy Howard was kind enough to give me 38 swats since my birthday was last week. Then he gave me a whole lot more! Man, what hot guys were at the fair. I’ve figured out that if I moved to San Francisco I could get a whole lot of piggy sex…

… for about six months. I think that’s the amount of time it would take to do all the kinky guys once, and then they’d get sick of me. I had a hard time connecting with people at the fair, and I was told it’s a SF thing. There are so many targets, that guys are constantly looking over your shoulder - pretending to talk to you while looking for the next big one to come along.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it would be like if I was single, since my partner of 13 years and I have recently broken up (and gotten back together, and then broken up again, and currently back together). I’m a bad single person… the slave side of me falls in love faster than a lesbian, and in a split second I’m down on my knees pledging eternal love to the nearest Master who will do terrible painful humiliating things to me.

But man I had fun. I love kink, and I love sex, and I love kinky sex. Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, I thought I was the only one to fantasize about grunge and sludge. To find other guys into that stuff is amazing. However, even in a big town like San Francisco, there are only about a dozen guys. As I said, that would take less than a year, even with repeats. But I will come back next year to the fair, and then I’ll be 39 years old so I get at least one more spank.
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