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(no subject)

I went to Dore Alley last weekend, and Daddy Howard was kind enough to give me 38 swats since my birthday was last week. Then he gave me a whole lot more! Man, what hot guys were at the fair. I’ve figured out that if I moved to San Francisco I could get a whole lot of piggy sex…

… for about six months. I think that’s the amount of time it would take to do all the kinky guys once, and then they’d get sick of me. I had a hard time connecting with people at the fair, and I was told it’s a SF thing. There are so many targets, that guys are constantly looking over your shoulder - pretending to talk to you while looking for the next big one to come along.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it would be like if I was single, since my partner of 13 years and I have recently broken up (and gotten back together, and then broken up again, and currently back together). I’m a bad single person… the slave side of me falls in love faster than a lesbian, and in a split second I’m down on my knees pledging eternal love to the nearest Master who will do terrible painful humiliating things to me.

But man I had fun. I love kink, and I love sex, and I love kinky sex. Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, I thought I was the only one to fantasize about grunge and sludge. To find other guys into that stuff is amazing. However, even in a big town like San Francisco, there are only about a dozen guys. As I said, that would take less than a year, even with repeats. But I will come back next year to the fair, and then I’ll be 39 years old so I get at least one more spank.

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This won't be much comfort, but ...

...after living here 27 years, I'm still finding new kinky guys to play with.

Re: This won't be much comfort, but ...

I have to second that...after almost 18 years, there are always new guys to play with, whether residents or visitors (remember, SF is a HUGE tourist destination, and we get tons of kinky men travelling through here - yourself a prime example)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah but what am I milking except other men? I'm ot sure I want to cruise through my forites on cheap one-night-stand sex, though I have to admit at the moment it sounds appealing.

I understand where you are coming from, at least in part. I've changed my online profiles so that it is clear that my next relationship *will* have a BD/SM component. At the same time, I realize that BD/SM encompasses such a huge realm of activities, that no two people are ever likely to mesh fully on their interests.

That said, I've identified three areas that I feel are requirements for me to have a healthy relationship with a boy/sub/insert term here: he has to be completely willing to spanked whenever and in whatever manner I choose (trust me, I don't need a reason beyond 'you're sitting too comfortably'), he has to really enjoy oral service, including face fucking, and he has to be willing to engage in periods of chastity. Obviously, normal caveats about feeling sick, depressed, stressed, etc. apply.

Are there other things I enjoy? Absolutely. But those three are the ones that I feel I need in order to have a basic level of fulfillment.

So I guess what I'm saying is... what motivates you? What things are so much a part of your core, you're miserable if you go without? I've had to go months without spanking someone, and I don't even realize sometimes how much internal stress has built up. I finally get a furry, squirming butt over my lap, and within an hour, the stress has broken and I feel at peace.

I don't know if any of this helps or not.

Oh, and...

that picture? It's masturbatory.

Oh damn, you were in town? Would've been cool to meet you.

Weirdest weekend *ever*. I was in town for a pseudo-biker initiation. Ask me about it sometime...

Which part is true, devil? The part about San Francisco fags being shallow sex-obssesed fiends? The idea that love doesn't exist in the post-internet age? The futile search for a partner that's into all the same kinks as you?

Sorry I missed you. On the other hand, I wouldn't have wanted to interrupt this litle voyage of discovery.

You have no idea. The trip kind of traumatized me. I need to be held... {grin}

Hmm, I wasn't aware that you were gonna be there. I would have brought some motor oil.

Duke! I regret missing you and Rat. Man, you guys made me survive my twenties... jacking off to xeroxed "Mudmen" pamphlets that you graciously sent to Colorado. I hope your health is better.

Thanks for the motor oil idea - god knows I love the stink of that stuff. But what I need right now is bondage and layers and layers of mud.

Sorry I missed you there bud.

God what fun I had.

Looks and sounds like you did too!


see what you need is a master who will punish the living crap out of you for falling in love with him...

Are you offering? Because I can make an offer {grin}

Hey stud, glad you had a spankin good time

(Deleted comment)
Next time - I'll pay for the hotel and bring the plastic sheets!

(Deleted comment)
It was a crazy trip. I didn't actually expect to survive Saturday and make it to SF.

Oh you're mudcub. I was the short red bearded fellow at the citadel men's booth (where the spanking occurred) and I complimented you on your dirty gloves. Howdy.

Yup! I remember giving you a kiss as you were doing the open-arm-stretched-out-to-protect-the-scene-from-drunk-walkers thing.


One: I am REALLY dissapointed that I didn't know you were in town. Might have made me go to the fair. I really want to meet you in person.

Two: Never listen to devldog as he is the San Francisco poster child for Misathrope.

Three: Over 11 years here, I have come to see a pattern. San Francisco is what you make it. It is a small town in some ways. (only 776,000 residents after all) But, 1 in 5 men over 15 identify as gay or bisexual. With a low judgement factory and an almost religious belief that people should be allowed to do their own thing, there is a sizable chunk of nasty things to do with nasty people. I think that the sex here is a lot like the restaurants.

A newspaper article once stated that you could eat breakfast lunch and dinner in a different restaurant day after day and it would take you over 4 years to eat in every restaurant in SF. At the end of the 4 years there would be a whole new list of places to go to.

Sex here is like that. You may be able to fuck your way through the City, but, at the end. A whole new batch would have arrived. This is a HORRIBLE city to be monogamous in. I personally would shoot myself if I had to limit myself.

But, as it is what you make of it, I believe that if you are open to finding your true love here, then you will. But, as in ALL places, if you are looking for love because you believe that you need it... you will only be disapointed. True love is Zen. You can only obtain it by no longer needing it.

San Francisco will either eat you up and spit you back, or it will be the place you could never think of leaving. There is almost no one who is ambivilant about the place. It is true freedom. Which means you are entirely responsible for your happiness or your misery living here. People arrive thinking freedom means a lack of care or responsibility. They are the ones who become embittered and either leave or live in the Castro and bitch.

I think you'd grab this place by the horns. But. I've never met you in person. S'a wadda I know?

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